Science Summer Camp Mini-Site

The Museum of Life and Science

What was the problem?

At the end of 2017, and ramping into 2018, the Museum of Life and Science was going through a period of brand development. The focus was to define their current audience, ideate on their goal audience, and develop a more rounded approach to color and peripheral design. With that, a change in hours, and a change in prices all happening only a few months apart, it was clear they’d need to refresh of all of their printed collateral.

What was the solution?

Using photography from that year’s photoshoot, and taking style direction from their current high level marketing campaigns, I designed a suite of printed material that emphasized the Museum’s new take on color, structure, and layout design.

What role did I play?

I was responsible for photo selection, page layout, typography, and copywriting/editing. After coordinating with the Durham City Visitor’s Bureau, and the Guest Service team who work at the Museum, we planned to order enough for both sites for about 6 months. I sourced and prepared the order with a print-on-demand service as well as providing budgets and invoices for Guest Service’s expense reports.

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