Membership Posters

The Museum of Life and Science

What was the problem?

The Museum of Life and Science has a four-up poster space in a well-traveled, but awkward, path behind the admissions desk. This is the main thoroughfare to get to their kids-specific Museum store, outside exhibits, and one of the 1st floor bathrooms. While these poster holders are great for seasonal promotions, how could the Museum utilize this space the rest of the year? The last “evergreen” poster design was from 2015, before the opening of their wildly popular Hideaway Woods exhibit.

What was the solution?

More than half of Museum membership conversions happen at the Admissions desk, or as the family leaves the Museum. With that information given, why not make this highly trafficked but awkwardly spaced area act as another touch point in the membership process? With bright, bold typography and captivating images, I helped the Membership department better emphasize the benefits of joining today and how those benefits extended into the long-term.

What role did I play?

I identified the need for updated signage, approached Membership, and helped them define their needs regarding the poster wording and image selection. Using Adobe Creative Suite, I created, typeset, selected appropriate images, and chose the color palette for this design. After poster approval from core stakeholders, I consulted an outside agency for large-form printing (24”x36”) and installed the posters once they were delivered.

What was the outcome?

With an additional touch point, the Museum’s front-line staff created an easier opening to explain membership benefits and the way they apply day-of ticket sales towards a membership purchase.

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