Newsletters and Email Blasts

The Museum of Life and Science

What was the problem?

A digital media strategy can’t exist on Facebook alone. I worked with departmental stakeholders and external partners at the Museum of Life and Science to help organize and guide their goals and deliverable needs. I provided key insight into the most effective ways to engage with our consumers through multiple media types and touch points..

What was the solution?

Email blasts have changed a lot in the last five years. Newsletters can range between “a nuisance” and “an important source of information” depending on who your consumer is and how you target them. For each project, I consulted the individual department or stakeholder and worked to create the most tailored eBlast for them to help support their other digital media efforts (social media posts, Facebook ads, etc.).

What role did I play?

I coordinated with various internal and external clients to determine their needs, wants, audiences, and metrics of success. Using Adobe Creative Suite, I created and optimized the size of the email graphics. I wrote the original copy and implemented the given edits from my core team of stakeholders. Working with our Database Administrator, I provided parameters that would help to ensure we reached out to consumers who would be the most likely to engage with our products. I created each email in MailChimp and scheduled it for the best time to send to our targeted audiences.

What was the outcome?

For a nonprofit, the general open rate sits at 27%, and the general click rate at around 2%. While each image goes into more detail about processes and outcomes, all emails performed better than average for our industry.

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