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Confidential client
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*Because this client is confidential, the function of the parts and the general look has been recreated — but the content has been anonymized.

What was the problem?

My company frequently had to hand code, from start to finish, their landing pages for events, trade-shows, and other one-use webpages. This was a massive drain on time and department resources.

What was the solution?

Working with the project lead, we were able to come to the conclusion that a templatized format of a basic website would be the most useful end result.

This would allow for the rapid creation of event pages (which can occur with little to no lead time) and for all pages to maintain a core adherence to the company’s branding.

What role did I play?

I worked with the client to create sketched wireframe so that the basic information architecture and hierarchy could be established. After the sketched wireframe was approved, I went straight into coding a working prototype — that way all involved parties could see how the site would function while also being able to explore the page at mobile breakpoints, and to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

Using HTML5, the Bootstrap 4 framework, CSS3, and Pardot, I coded a template version of a standard event landing page. I preformed quality testing, browser testing, as well as testing to see how things would function on different mobile devices. I sourced and created needed header and background images, as well as provided guidance on web best practices and UI/UX standards when design questions arose from my team.

What was the outcome?

The template was a success! The company is now able to create a landing page in the same day if there is approved copy already attached to the brief.

This has allowed the department to respond quickly to short-notice events and marketing opportunities. Since its creation, it’s become the go-to theme for landing pages.

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