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The Museum of Life and Science

Endangered Species Day

Working with the Turtle Survival Alliance, the Museum of Life and Science set out to raise money after the Madagascar wildfires in 2018. While the Museum has radiated tortoises on exhibit, they hadn’t yet done the storytelling needed to make a fundraiser as popular as their previous red wolf fundraiser.

I was responsible for creating the illustration, creating two landing pages, as well as creating and posting the social media posts that encouraged our guests and members to vote on polls, share, and to buy the t-shirt.

I also worked with the Museum to craft the story of radiated tortoises and the unique situation the animals are faced with both before and after the 2018 wildfire. To create a successful story we used a mix of cause-driven marketing, community partnering, and helping to link the tortoises to their ring-tailed lemurs that are extremely popular at the Museum. Those lemurs share a habitat both in the wild and at the Museum’s enclosure.

With only three weeks of on-sale time, the Museum was able to sell 146 shirts, and raise over $2000, half of which was donated to the Turtle Survival Alliance.

A good illustration and a clever pairing can do wonders if you need to develop an emotional connection to a story with no time to spare. You can check out the Museum’s landing page, and some of the Facebook poll, and the sale post which are still online. A copy of other designs, and the pre-order landing page are included on this page.

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