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The Museum of Life and Science

Endangered Species Day

Working together with AAZK, the Museum of Life and Science offered special programing for Endangered Species Day. The last time the Museum posted about this day on its own, it only reached around 800 people and had 16 engagements. With this graphic in 2018 they were able to reach over 2,000 people and get over 40 engagements. Now that’s the power of an eye-catching image!

Brain Awareness Week

In 2018, using Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website to promote an event in our Lab exhibit where guests got to play with real brains! The post reached over 5,700 people and had 143 engagements versus 2017’s reach of 2,500 and only 47 engagements.

SciGirls Workshop

Used in Mailchimp, Facebook, Twitter, their website, and Instagram to promote a nationally curated professional development experience. Created with only a week of notice, a mix of social media and e-news blasts meant we were able to get this event to sell out.

Scientist Saturdays

The Museum invites a new scientist every month to their Lab exhibit. This graphic was used on all social media platforms to bring a sense of cohesion to the event during 2017-2018.

Life + Science at the Movies

Working on new ways of guest interaction and informal science education, we created this graphic to use on social media platforms to help gain the attention of an older audience.

Science of the Eclipse

Another iteration of their new outreach attempts, this flyer was created to cater to an older, hipper, working crowd. With informal science education offered at Black Wall Street in Downtown Durham, the Museum had great engagement on both social media and at the pop-up event. Out of three dedicated posts, the average reach was 7,300 people and the engagement was 366.

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