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Team Alex

Freelance Contract

What was the problem?

My client’s son was chosen to play at an international basketball tournament in the Bahamas! While it’s an amazing opportunity, you can understand that the costs of such a trip would quickly stack up. How could we best showcase his amazing hard-work and dedication while telling his story?

What was the solution?

After some consideration, we decided to go with a cause-marketing approach. For the price of a premium, well-designed t-shirt, consumers could directly impact the future of a young man and his basketball team! (Having a teenager call my design “awesome” absolutely made my day.)

Because this was my client’s first fundraising t-shirt, I agreed to help find the correct printing service and to create effective social media posts.

What role did I play?

I worked with the client to create a brief that helped detail the needed designs and the scope of the project. I also helped educate the client on different on-demand printing options to use, and which would be the best for their situation. Once the platform was chosen, I gave them a quick overview of how to use the site.

The design itself was a vector graphic that was hand-drawn and hand-lettered using a mix of Adobe Creative Suite and an iPad Pro. The illustration was then sized and optimized to fit the printer’s artwork and file-type guidelines. For the second image, I created a graphic that could be used as a stand-alone social media post, but would also meet the requirements for a successful Facebook Ad. The third social media graphic included more of a story, for use on Instagram or Facebook at a later time.

What was the outcome?

My client was able to sell 14 shirts and help raise the money needed to attend their tournament. It was amazing to help a young man take part in such a great event.

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